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Faith Moments

February 14, 2012

Faith Moment Courage 2

Transcript of audio:

In St. Mark’s Gospel this week we learn about the leper who approached Jesus and begged to be healed. This Gospel teaches us a great lesson about breaking society’s rules to do what is morally right.

The leper takes a great risk in asking Jesus to cure him. In those days, lepers were shunned and, therefore, forbidden from contact with others. But the leper had complete trust that only Jesus could and would save him.  And so he would not be deterred.

Jesus himself then breaks society rules by reaching out and touching the leper. This was unheard of! Jesus showed that he cared deeply. In a sense, the story foreshadows Jesus’ ultimate act of love – he took death upon himself that we might all have eternal life with God.

Sometimes we have to break the rules to do what is right in our own lives. And that takes courage. We can trust that God cares and will always help us do what is right.

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