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Faith Moments

February 15, 2012

Faith Moment Courage 3

Transcript of audio:

Most of us would say we are compassionate. But hearing the Gospel story of Jesus curing the leper, makes us realize we could probably all work a little harder at compassion.

In touching the leper to heal him, Jesus demonstrated an extraordinary act of kindness, sympathy and courage. The leper had a serious and what was believed to be highly contagious skin disorder that caused society to reject him. Jesus was willing to break from the norms of society and look beyond the disease to ease the suffering of his fellow man.

Are there “lepers” in our lives who we are avoiding? Of course, no one likes to see human suffering. But if we are to follow the example of Jesus, we need to step outside of our comfort zone and help those in need. Pray for the courage to take your compassion up a notch or two. You can trust God to help you.

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