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Faith Moments

February 20, 2012

Faith Moment Faithfulness 1

Transcript of audio:

When we talk about faithfulness, we speak of being true to someone. Husbands and wives. Family members. Friends. It is critical to any lasting relationship.

So when St. Paul addressed the Corinthians about faithfulness in this week’s reading, we are reminded about our ultimate relationship with God. And we see how our faithfulness is a two-way street.

St. Paul tells us that God is surely faithful to us. His promises are true and His Word can certainly be trusted. God put his Spirit in our hearts to give us just a taste of the incredible love we will receive in heaven.

In return, God asks us to stand firm in Christ and live here on earth according to His Word. Stay faithful to Him, spreading the Gospel message. Our reward will be the glory of God in life eternal.

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