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Faith Moments

February 22, 2012

Faith Moment Faithfulness 3

Transcript of audio:

When Jesus healed the paralyzed man as told in this week’s Gospel, it was doubly miraculous. Not only did Jesus cure the man’s physical ailment saying “get up and walk”, He also healed the man’s broken spirit telling him, “son, your sins are forgiven”.

The Gospel reminds us that Jesus will heal us in the same way. What are some of the things that paralyze our spirit and keep us from the true happiness God wants us to experience? We can bring our troubles to Jesus and ask for His help.

The paralyzed man’s friends brought him before the Son of Man because they believed in His power and compassion. It may be that our own spiritual healing will come from helping others, acting with the same faith and hope.  Spend some time this week praying to get closer to Jesus.

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