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Faith Moments

April 30, 2012

Faith Moment Love in Action 1

Transcript of audio:

Are you a care-giver? Perhaps you are a parent raising young children. Or maybe you're caring for elderly parents or a relative in need. You may be a care-giver through volunteer work at your church or a charity.

The fact is, we are all called to be care-givers. As Peter tells us in the scripture reading from the Book of Acts, the good he had done on behalf of a crippled man was done in the name of Christ Jesus. It was his responsibility to act just as Jesus would have done.

Caring for others is not easy. Especially while juggling the many other responsibilities of life. But when you feel overwhelmed, remember that the care you are giving is love in action. And God sees and appreciates all the love you give and the good that you do.

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