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Faith Moments

May 1, 2012

Faith Moment Love in Action 2

Transcript of audio:

Right now, at this very moment, God is pouring out his love for you.

In this week's reading, John reminds us to stop and think about that - to "see what love the Father has bestowed on us."

We get so caught up in our daily routines; we overlook the reality of God's love in the here and now, a love that invites us to become God's children.

So stop for a moment and "see" God's love. In your family and friends.  In the beauty of our natural world.  In the peace of your church or place of worship.

God gives this great love freely to us and only asks that we love him in return; that we love one another as he loves each and every one of us.  When we "see" God's love, we see the perfection of love in action.

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