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Faith Moments

May 8, 2012

Faith Moment Cooperation 2

Transcript of audio:

A group of campers was lost in the woods. One said, "follow me; home is this way." Another said, "No, it's this way." Still another pointed in a different direction. Finally, one camper produced a compass and was able to guide them on the right path.

In our scripture reading from John, we are urged to use God's commandments as our moral compass to guide us in cooperating with one another and finding our way in life.

John is telling us we can have confidence in God to lead us when we meditate on His word and keep His commandments.  And when we do when our words and our actions mirror our beliefs we are acting with integrity and are a reflection of God to others.

What do you use as your compass?  Give that some thought as you go about your day.

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