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Faith Moments

May 29, 2012

Faith Moment Unity 2

Transcript of audio:

In his book, "Crossing the Threshold of Hope", Pope John Paul II stressed the importance of Christian unity. He called such unity "enormously precious" and the key to the future of the Kingdom of God in the world.

If you've ever asked "why should I go to church or join a parish", here is your answer. Our Christian communities unite to form the One Body, the Church, here on earth.  God wants you to be part of this community, His community – to give and to get support from others.  To learn from each other.  To gain insights to deal with life’s challenges.  Remember, there is strength in numbers.

John Paul II went on to say "real unity is not and can not be the fruit of human forces alone. The true protagonist remains the Holy Spirit."

That is the Spirit we celebrate on Pentecost. That is the relationship God wants us to have with one another.

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