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Faith Moments

June 4, 2012

Faith Moment Responsibility 1

Transcript of audio:

Whenever you feel as though you have too many responsibilities in life, think about the story of Moses as told in the Book of Deuteronomy.

He was a religious leader, a prophet, a teacher, a lawgiver, and author.

God gave Moses the responsibility of leading the Israelites out of Egypt and delivering the 10 Commandments. Even after 40 years in the desert, Moses did not shrink from the responsibilities he was called to fulfill.

Moses knew that God always acted on behalf of His people and will not let us down. He knew that as heirs to God's kingdom, we have a great responsibility to remain faithful to God and help one another to prosper. In fact, we have no greater responsibility.

When the burden of your responsibilities feels heavy, always keep Moses in mind and reflect on your own responsibility to God and your fellow man.

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