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Faith Moments

June 5, 2012

Faith Moment Responsibility 2

Transcript of audio:

John D. Rockefeller, considered the richest man in history, once said "Every right implies a responsibility. Every opportunity, an obligation. Every possession, a duty." Rockefeller understood his responsibility and used his fortune to establish a system of  helping others that is still followed by countless charitable foundations today.

No matter what our means, we all have a responsibility to use our talents and treasures to help others in need. 

This week's scripture reading reminds us that we are all children of God and therefore, heirs to His kingdom.  That doesn't mean we are entitled to sit back and take everything for ourselves. As joint heirs with Christ to God's kingdom, we have a great responsibility.  A responsibility to help one another.

Only then can we truly enjoy the riches that await us with God in heaven.

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