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Faith Moments

June 11, 2012

Faith Moment Destiny 1

Transcript of audio:

As we near Independence Day, it is fitting to reflect on the freedom we enjoy as Americans. Our July Fourth celebrations demonstrate that we believe in our country's destiny as the leader of the free world.

This week's Old Testament reading tells us we must also believe in our destiny as children of God. Moses prepared a ceremony to celebrate God's promises and demonstrate the belief that their life in God was predestined from the beginning.

Imagine if we celebrated our faith destiny with the same enthusiasm as the Fourth of July.

But we don't need fireworks to show that we value our purpose as God's children. There are many ways to express our beliefs. Attend church services. Pray before meals. Help someone in need.

Our ultimate destiny as God's faithful people is life everlasting in heaven. That's worth celebrating every day.

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