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Faith Moments

June 26, 2012

Faith Moment Identity 2

Transcript of audio:

There are tens of thousands of names in the world, each with meanings associated with them. Try a Google search on "names" and it will yield over a billion results related to names and their meanings.

Think about your own name. What is its meaning? Perhaps you're named after someone. Maybe it was chosen based on popular names at the time you were born.

Regardless of its origin, your name uniquely identifies you. Not only to people around you, but in the eyes of God. You are named as a child of God with unique meaning and purpose from your birth.

Christians believe God gave His only son the name Jesus Christ, meaning "anointed one" to signify His mission as the Messiah.

Likewise, God calls us all by name to be followers of Christís example and His mission of love and salvation.

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