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Faith Moments

June 27, 2012

Faith Moment Identity 3

Transcript of audio:

There are many ways we show our personal identity, from a driver's license or passport, to a gym membership card or company ID badge.

But, what is our faith identity? How do we show others that we are members of a faith community who share the privilege of being children of God?

For Christians, baptism identifies us as followers of Jesus Christ. Many Christians wear a crucifix or a small cross as an outward sign of their faith. But no matter what our religion, true faith identity requires more than symbols. We show it through actions.

St. Francis instructed "Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary use words."

Our faith identity shines through when we serve those in need...worship one another.

Don't wait to be asked for ID. Make an extra effort this week to show your faith identity proudly.

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