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Faith Moments

July 2, 2012

Faith Moment Stereotypes 1

Transcript of audio:

We all have a tendency to label people and situations. "He's a nice person" or "That's a dangerous area."

Labels can be good and bad. They can help us act appropriately, but they can also create false stereotypes.

How do you think people label you?

This week's first reading from the Book of Wisdom tells us that God labeled us for life in His image. This is the label we should all want to live up to Ė to be seen as a person of faith, filled with hope in carrying out God's plan for us.

Christians believe this label shows clearest when we act in God's image...caring for the sick...helping the poor...comforting those in need.

Let others identify you by your positive actions and label you as Godís child.

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