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Faith Moments

July 3, 2012

Faith Moment Stereotypes 2

Transcript of audio:

Labels or stereotypes are standardized conceptions people have based on prior assumptions and experiences.

The trouble with stereotypes is that they prevent us from gaining a more thorough understanding of a person, culture or situation. Thus, we overlook information that would change our perception.

In this week's Gospel, Jesus heals an ill woman that society had labeled "unclean" and a "lawbreaker". As the Gospel unfolds, we see that the woman, in fact, had greater faith and trust in God's love and healing power than the disciples and crowd around her.

The Gospel challenges us to do away with labels and stereotypes and look for new ways of thinking in all of life's circumstances. God can always bring something new out of any situation, even when it may seem hopeless. We only need to trust.

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