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Faith Moments

July 9, 2012

Faith Moment Fidelity 1

Transcript of audio:

Do you believe there are prophets among us?

Prophets uproot us from our complacency and challenge us to a radical change of heart. They point out where God wants us to give our utmost attention.

In this week's scripture reading, we learn how the Israelites did not recognize or respond to the prophets God sent. Yet even after their rejection, God continued to be faithful to them.

Are we recognizing the prophets God is sending us? Perhaps we need to pay closer those working for social church leaders guiding us in the stranger offering a simple act of kindness.

Could you be a prophet yourself? Even the smallest acts of faith enable God to work through us. No matter how we respond, remember that God's fidelity to us is forever. He will never abandon us.

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