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Faith Moments

July 10, 2012

Faith Moment Fidelity 2

Transcript of audio:

In his second letter to the Corinthians, St. Paul teaches us about fidelity, even in the face of great challenges.

Fidelity is the quality of being faithful or loyal we often think of it in terms of a spouse, our family, or friends. But Paul is talking about fidelity with God.

Paul underwent many hardships and much persecution as he lived out his faith as a Christian. Still, he remained loyal, admitting his weaknesses while relying on God to overcome them.

When we surrender, as Paul did, relying on God, our weakness becomes our strength. Even in the face of rejection, we must do what is right. Persevere. Keep going.

God is always with us and ever-faithful to us. The power of Christ dwells within us to strengthen our fidelity...with God and with one another.

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