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Faith Moments

July 11, 2012

Faith Moment Fidelity 3

Transcript of audio:

In this week's gospel, Jesus is amazed by the lack of faith among the people in his own town. Because of their rejection, he was unable to perform any great miracles, apart from curing a few sick people who did have faith.

This gospel teaches us that God works best through us when we choose to cooperate, to accept his word, to listen, be open and believe.

Every second of every day, God in his great fidelity offers us what we need for life. But so often we resist it. Keep in mind, God never pushes His will on us. It is a gift given freely and we have the freedom to respond as we choose.

When we respond with fidelity  remaining faithful even when it is not easy  we act as prophets, bringing forth faith in others and challenging them to be receptive to God.

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