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Faith Moments

July 16, 2012

Faith Moment Poverty 1

Transcript of audio:

In this week's Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples to leave their worldly possessions behind and go out to preach and heal. Is the Gospel telling us we should give away everything we own to follow Jesus?

That would not be practical, of course. And it is not what God is calling us toward.

This scripture challenges us to look at what distracts us from being closer to Christ. What do we need to "leave behind" so that we may better fulfill the mission for which God calls us?

Renouncing worldly goods has long been seen as a means toward spiritual growth. But perhaps material things aren't what we need to let go of. It may be our attitudes, bad habits, or selfishness holding us back.

Give some thought to what you can leave behind to liberate your growth and bring you closer to God. 

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