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Faith Moments

July 17, 2012

Faith Moment Poverty 2

Transcript of audio:

In a recent Lenten message, Pope Benedict XVI decried the absence of God in today's world, referring to the spiritual poverty resulting from people's obsession with material goods.

He was not suggesting that we should all give away our possessions to solve the problem. Rather, we should strive to live in the spirit of poverty, not allowing worldly goods to distract us from God and his plan for us.

Jesus himself did not condemn the possession of material things. In fact, he had wealthy friends. It's when money and wealth become our ultimate goal that trouble begins.

In order to grow spiritually, and do God's work, we must completely trust Him and be content with what He provides. Because of God's great love, we can be happy and at peace without material things.

Are there things impeding your spiritual path? Think about what you might leave behind to get closer to God.

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