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Faith Moments

July 18, 2012

Faith Moment Poverty 3

Transcript of audio:

It is remarkable to think about what Christ's apostles accomplished with nothing but their spiritual gifts.

They were poor, leaving everything behind to proclaim the gospel and build the Christian church on earth. They did not have wealth, glamour or prestige. All they had was the truth of their teaching. And the Christian faith spread around the world.

The apostles were rich in their relationship with God and with one another. Those are the riches God wants every one of us to have. He wants us to work together, to worship together and be rich in the spirit of Christianity.

It is not wrong to own a nice car or a home. But don't forget, your good fortune is a gift from God. Be thankful. And share your gifts with others. The richest, happiest people are those rich in family, friends and an understanding of God's great love.

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