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Faith Moments

July 24, 2012

Faith Moment Balance 2

Transcript of audio:

It can be annoying and frustrating when we are stuck in a traffic jam, waiting in long lines at the store or fighting a big crowd at an event.

Mark's gospel this week makes it clear that crowds were really besieging Jesus. He can't get away from them, even when He tries to leave with the apostles to rest.

But rather than being annoyed, Jesus expresses compassion for the people. He begins to teach them. He shows us that caring for one another is at the heart of fulfilling God's kingdom here on earth.

We all need to rest and take a break from the crowds every now and then. It's important to the balance in our lives. But next time you find yourself stuck in line, think about treating people with compassion. Be kind to those around you. Help some one out if you can. Live the Gospel by your actions.

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