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Faith Moments

August 27, 2012

Faith Moment Intimacy 1

Transcript of audio:

This week's readings compel us to reflect on intimacy with God.

Witnessing miracles and feeling God's protection on their journey out of Egypt, the Israelites committed to serve Him. They trusted Him as the one true God and their intimacy grew stronger. But after spending some time in the Promised Land, their trust and commitment began to waiver. In the scripture reading we find Joshua not only recommitting his life to God, but also challenging the Israelites to renew their trust and commitment to serve God.

Joshua and the Israelites remind us that God wants an intimate relationship with each of us. Do you feel you have deep intimacy with God? Commit to Him and trust in His plan for you. The reward of an intimate union with God will be a level of happiness beyond your imagination...both in this life and the next. 

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