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Faith Moments

August 29, 2012

Faith Moment Intimacy 3

Transcript of audio:

What comes to mind when you imagine an intimate setting? A candle-lit restaurant? A quiet vacation spot? How about your church or place of worship?

When you think about it, your church may be the most intimate setting around. It is the place where you can go to deepen your intimacy with God and express your desire to be in a lasting relationship with Him.

For Christians, this week’s Gospel reading informs us that we can receive and experience a most intimate union with Jesus through the Lord’s Supper. Each time we come together as the people of God and share in this sacrament, we receive life and renew our commitment to a relationship with God and one another.

God sends an invitation to each of us to join him in the intimate setting of His church. If you haven't visited in a while, stop by soon. God welcomes you with His gift of love.


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