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Faith Moments

September 26, 2012

Faith Moment Pretentions 3

Transcript of audio:

As an adult, have you ever had someone tell you to "stop acting like a child"?

The Gospel message this week would have us do just the opposite. Jesus uses the example of a child to illustrate how we should act as servants to one another.

Young children are innocent, without pretensions. They are sincere and most often willing to help. They are not concerned with wealth or power.

In the time of Jesus, children were considered the least of all, with no social or legal status. Yet Jesus put His arm around a child and said, "Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me."

Serving God requires us to act like a child sometimes. We can follow the example of Christ only when our hearts are clear and we understand that no one is insignificant.

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