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Faith Moments

October 3, 2012

Faith Moment Competition 3

Transcript of audio:

Does competition have a role in the spreading of our faith? The scripture readings this week suggest not.

Take the first reading the elders complain to Moses that some others are prophesying on their turf. They don't like the competition and ask Moses to stop them. Moses answers that all the people of the Lord are prophets.

In the Gospel, the apostles tell Jesus someone is driving out demons in His name but is not a follower. The apostles feel this person is competing with them, but Jesus tells them to let the person be. He replies, "Whoever is not against us, is for us."

In both cases we see that faith takes teamwork. The elders and the apostles are essentially told to leave their egos at the door. No one is more significant than someone else. Building up the kingdom of God requires that we cooperate with, not compete against, one another.

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