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Faith Moments

October 8, 2012

Faith Moment Harmony 1

Transcript of audio:

When we hear the word harmony, we probably think of things working smoothly together in relationship with one another.

Harmony is the main theme of this week's scripture readings.

From the very beginning, God intended us to live in harmony with one another. We see it in the first reading when God creates woman as a suitable partner for man.

This story teaches us that successful relationships are based on equality that God intends there be no indication of one being greater or lesser than the other.

Certainly there are differences among us, but we are equal before God, each deserving of being treated with love and respect. When we bring our differences together and join together for the greater good, we truly live in harmony just as God had planned for us.

Take a moment to reflect on at least one way in which you can promote your relationships, your workplace,  your community and in the world God created for us.

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