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Faith Moments

October 10, 2012

Faith Moment Harmony 3

Transcript of audio:

The scripture reading this week clearly explains how God intends us to live in harmony with one another.

Jesus tells the Pharisees who try to test Him that from the very beginning of creation, God made male and female to become one. Then Jesus emphasizes, "therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate."

Jesus is teaching about the unity and goodness embedded in God's plan, and not just for marriage, but for all our relationships. New life results from our self-giving for others, a wholeness that can only come from a successful relationship in which each side different but equal comes together for the glory of God. That is true harmony.

Trouble arises when human weakness allows selfishness to enter and disrupt the divine ideal of harmony. The good news is that we can always look to God to guide us, help us to forgive and help us to get back on track with one another.

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