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Faith Moments

October 15, 2012

Faith Moment Values 1

Transcript of audio:

What should we value most in life? Our Scripture readings this week provide the answer.

The first reading makes it quite clear that above all else, the supreme value we should seek in life is the wisdom that comes from God. Not power, not wealth.

The second reading then tells us where to find that wisdom in the Word of God, which offers the pre-eminent guidelines for how we should live our lives as God intends.

The Gospel reading then brings it all together as Jesus explains to a man what he must do to inherit eternal life place doing the will of God above all else. While we are all asked to follow God's commandments, it is not enough to just avoid doing harm to others.  We must also reach out to them.

We are called to put the greatest value on putting God first and following the example of Jesus, using our gifts time, talents, treasures to  care for those in need.

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