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Faith Moments

October 17, 2012

Faith Moment Values 3

Transcript of audio:

Imagine if you went to your parish priest or church leader and asked what you can do to help out, only to be told to give away all your possessions and follow Jesus. That's how Jesus replies when a man asks him what he must do to inherit eternal life.

Of course, that does not mean that each of us must do the same. Rather, the Gospel teaches that we should place the highest value on following the example of Jesus and sharing our gifts to help others.

So ask what you can do to help. If your talent is singing, join the church choir. If you're a good organizer, there are countless ministries that could use a hand. If you like to teach, get involved in teaching your faith to children or adults.

Trust in the Word of God that whatever you give for the sake of spreading His Good News or meeting the needs of others, you will receive one hundred times more in His kingdom.

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