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Faith Moments

October 22, 2012

Faith Moment Servanthood 1

Transcript of audio:

Our Scripture readings this week remind us that following Godís plan is all about servanthood. That means doing whatever we can to serve God and one another.

Our world around us sends the message that rising to the top is what measures success, Jesus models for us what it means to live a life of service to others and that our real value is measured in how we give of ourselves.

Therefore, we too should be willing to make sacrifices to serve those in need and to spread the gospel of Godís enduring love for each one of us.

This approach to life is not an easy message to hear. Even the apostles had a hard time with it and couldnít bring themselves to stand by Jesus even at the time of His death.

But God never abandons us. He walks with us on the path of servanthood, and upholds us as we serve others in His name. 

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