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Faith Moments

October 29, 2012

Faith Moment Trust 1

Transcript of audio:

How do we know we can trust in God and His promises?

We can find the answer in this week's Scripture readings.

In the first reading, for example, God promises He will console and guide us, and level the road so that we do not stumble. We learn from the Israelites that even when we have left in tears, we can trust that God will help us return in joy.

But why does God give us these promises? It is revealed in the last line of the reading "for I am a Father."

Our hope and trust in God flow from His fatherly love for us His children, made in His image.

What true father would not help his children and want happiness for them?

What child of a loving father would not trust him and only want to please him.

Trust in God, our Father, for His promises are true.

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