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Faith Moments

October 30, 2012

Faith Moment Trust 2

Transcript of audio:

Do you trust in God? Perhaps a better question is, do you have faith?

Because, as we see in this week's Scripture readings, faith is trust in God.

It was the Israelite's faith that enabled them to endure. They trusted in God's promise to deliver them out of their hardships.

The second reading explains that despite our weaknesses and failings, God remains faithful to us. We can trust that He loves us always.

In the Gospel, Bartimaeus takes a great leap of faith, trusting that Jesus could cure his blindness. The man's trust paid off and he was given the gift of sight.

When we work to strengthen and deepen our faith in prayer, by attending Mass or services, by doing good works in the spirit of Christ we come to know God better, and grow in our relationship with Him.

The more that we grow to know God, the more we will learn to trust Him.

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