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Faith Moments

November 7, 2012

Faith Moment Loving 3

Transcript of audio:

There is a song on popular musician John Mayer's latest CD in which the singer states "Love's not a thing; love is a verb."

The song could be the soundtrack to this week's readings.

We learn from the readings that love means actions, both in loving God and one another.

We are called to actively and passionately love God through prayer, attending Mass or services, and placing God as the supreme value of our lives. Loving is what God is all about, therefore, loving is what we are all about. It is at the very core of our being.

Jesus instructs us to "love your neighbor as yourself." He means with sincere interest, not lukewarm indifference. With actions, not sitting on the sidelines. Care for the sick. Help for the poor. Friendship for the lonely.

It would seem John Mayer agrees with Jesus. Love is a verb.

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