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Faith Moments

November 19, 2012

Faith Moment Presence 1

Transcript of audio:

God is always near. Rain or shine. Daylight or darkness.

God's never-ending presence is the focus of our readings this week. We can draw great comfort from their message.

Daniel tells us in the first reading that even in the darkest times of our lives, God is aware of our needs and will respond with help. Most of us know the story of Daniel and the lion's den in which he was protected by an angel and unharmed by the lions.

Daniel faced extreme persecution yet trusted that God had not forgotten him and would send aid. He had faith that justice would prevail.

We will all face "lions" in our life. The death of a loved one... a job loss...or other event that seems to leave us in darkness. Remember to trust in the presence of God. He will always send help to light our way.

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