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Faith Moments

November 20, 2012

Faith Moment Presence 2

Transcript of audio:

The imagery of this week's gospel is quite powerful.

Jesus tells us there will be a time when the sun will darken...the moon will not shine...and stars will fall from the sky. Then He tells us when we see these things, the glory and power of God will be near.

Jesus is teaching us that the presence of God in our lives never ends. When we experience darkness and feel like we can't take it anymore, stop and look closely. It is especially at these times that God is near.

The scripture reading from the Book of Mark also reminds us that we are called to imitate God and be present to those who may be experiencing darkness. We may be the angel that God sends to comfort an ill visit with a lonely neighbor...or support a family in need.

God's presence never ends. It is up to us to share His light with one another.

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