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Faith Moments

November 21, 2012

Faith Moment Presence 3

Transcript of audio:

The upcoming Advent season is a time of anticipation as Christians prepare to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ.

And while Christmas will turn our attention to the presence of God, the readings this week remind us that God is always present...24 hours a day...365 days a year. Always has been. Always will be.

We need to recognize His presence every day, not just on the holidays. Keep this in mind as we approach the bright lights and festive parties.

In fact, there are those who, due to personal circumstances, may find the holidays to be the darkest of times. We can imitate the presence of God for them, showing them that He is always near to help.

It may be a comforting visit. An understanding ear. A thoughtful gift.  Be an angel and proclaim the presence of God with acts of love and kindness...every day.  Those gifts will endure long after Christmas.

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