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Faith Moments

December 5, 2012

Faith Moment Anxiety 3

Transcript of audio:

In this season of Advent, we can find strength in the hope that God is with us. What could bring greater joy and peace?

Yet, somehow this time of year often brings tremendous anxiety for many of us. We worry about money. Fret about the dinner we're hosting. Feel the pressure of buying gifts. Maybe we are focusing a little too much on the wrong things.  We can take the readings this week as a sort of anti-anxiety remedy.

In the scripture from the book of Luke, Jesus talks about all the upheaval and turbulence that will rock the world.

But Jesus also tells us we can stand tall and hold our heads up, praying to God for strength.

Try it. Instead of risking your serenity because of all the upheaval and turbulence around us, strengthen your heart with prayer; knowing that God is with us and, with Him, nothing is impossible.

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