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Faith Moments

December 11, 2012

Faith Moment Partnership 2

Transcript of audio:

The advent reading this week from the Gospel of Luke reinforces the concept of God as a faithful friend who will work with us to smooth the rough ways in our lives and the lives of others.

But as in any friendship, there are two players. God will do his part, but we have to participate as well.

By making the effort to love one another we can fill in the valleys of poverty and loneliness, and the mountains of troubles that we often encounter in the lives of those around us, not to mention our own. It is these valleys and mountains that stand in the way of justice and peace, and harm our relationships with one another and with the one who longs to be Emmanuel – God with us.

As we seek to increase our love for one another, we can trust in the faithfulness of God even during the most difficult times. And we can show God that He can count on us as a coworkers in His good works.

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