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Faith Moments

December 12, 2012

Faith Moment Partnership 3

Transcript of audio:

For an attorney, "making partner" in a law firm is the ultimate achievement. It means he or she takes a more active role in the operation and direction of the firm. And any law firm partner will tell you, it also means a lot of work.

As we have reflected on the readings this week, we've focused upon what might be called our partnership with God.

We can use the attorney analogy – God has made you a partner in His practice. It’s quite an honor.  But it also means real work.

We are called to make the case for, and work for justice and peace. We do so by practicing charity, defending the vulnerable and assisting those in need. And, by presenting the good news that God is with us, even in the most trying times.

Making partner with God – that is the ultimate gift and challenge for every one of us, with benefits that last for eternity.

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