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Faith Moments

December 18, 2012

Faith Moment Joy 2

Transcript of audio:

We live in a world that seems to constantly tell us that the goal is to get the most for ourselves, even if it means less for someone else.

It is so easy to be swept up into the need to “get things”, especially at this time of the year. But do things bring us true and lasting joy? No. True and lasting joy, as we learn in the scripture readings, comes from giving. They suggest that if you have two coats, give one to the person who has none. Don't take more for yourself than what is fair. Be satisfied with what you have.

God took the initiative to bring joy by giving us the gift of Jesus. If you want joy in your life, bring joy to others, as Jesus did.

We should not need to be asked. Let your kindness be known to all wherever there is a need. The scripture promise us that will bring you true and lasting joy.

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