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Faith Moments

December 26, 2012

Faith Moment Fulfillment 3

Transcript of audio:

As we conclude the reflection on this week's readings, we make note of a secondary message to the fulfillment of God's promise.

Yes, Christians believe that God has fulfilled His promise to be with us and we celebrate Emmanuel – which means ‘God with us’ – at Christmas.

Yet in the readings we can also see that God's presence requires something from us – we must trust in His will.

Mary was willing to believe, to commit herself to what the angel of the Lord revealed to her. "Let it be done to me as you have said," Mary replied at the Annunciation.  As a result, God’s promise to be present, to be with all of us, was fulfilled.

Are you willing to believe and commit yourself to the will and work of God, even as Mary did? If you are, if we are, we can make God present to one another, not just at Christmas, but every day.

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