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Faith Moments

January 1, 2013

Faith Moment Family 2

Transcript of audio:

Many families come together to celebrate the holidays. That can mean great joy or a lot of stress, or perhaps a mixture of both.

Either way, the scripture readings this week help us to understand that God calls every one of us to live like family so that we may experience the joy, love and acceptance that comes from relationships built on trust and understanding.

As we see in this week’s Gospel reading even Jesus caused his parents some stress when he stayed behind in the temple. But, more importantly, we see Jesus embracing his place and responsibilities within his family as he accepts and trusts in the loving care which his Mary and Joseph exercised for his own good.

Let me encourage you to spend some time this week thinking about how well others care for you and how well you may be caring for others. And never forget that God our Father loves and cares for you unconditionally. Accept and trust in His care.

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