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Faith Moments

January 8, 2013

Faith Moment Epiphany 2

Transcript of audio:

We often hear people exclaim that they've "had an epiphany" in describing a moment of sudden, intuitive understanding. Sometimes, people may even say that they've "seen the light" to mean the same thing.

Our readings this week offer an epiphany but it is much more than a momentary understanding or brief flash of light.

From the first reading that tells us that darkness has ended and our light has come... to the Gospel story of the magi and the brilliant star...we are reminded of the appearance and ongoing presence of God in our lives. And it also reminds us that we ourselves are called to help others to recognize the light of God’s presence in their lives.

Do we radiate God's love through our words and actions? Does the inner light of our faith shine forth in our care for others? Could we be God’s epiphany to someone in need?

When we follow the example of Jesus – the great light – we show others that God is present.

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