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Faith Moments

January 15, 2013

Faith Moment Renewal 2

Transcript of audio:

The scripture readings this week center on the baptism of Jesus and the new life Christians experience through their own baptism.

Interestingly, the Dead Sea Scrolls, very ancient writings discovered in the caves of Qumran (koom-ron), confirm that the practice and significance of baptism runs deep in human history.  It seems that the people of Qumran practiced an annual rite of baptism as a means for confirming and recommitting themselves to their relationship with God.

Today Christians are baptized only once.  But on feasts like this we renew our baptismal vows as a reminder to cleanse from our lives those things which cause harm to our own well-being and that of others.

Give some thought to what you need to “wash away” from your life so that you can strengthen your relationship with God and promote the well-being of those around you.

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