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Faith Moments

January 21, 2013

Faith Moment Enrichment 1

Transcript of audio:

Our lives are enriched by those around us. So we are told so poignantly by our scripture readings this week.

Isaiah tells us of the Israelites, once forsaken and isolated, returning to their land and renewing an intimate relationship with God. It is a cause for celebration.  Isaiah compares this renewed relationship to that of a bride and groom – God rejoices in the people’s new commitment as a wedding couple rejoices in their new enriched relationship.

Some in today's world seek enrichment in money or material things, but that will always fall short. Opportunities for true, lasting enrichment are before us every day. They are found in our committed relationships – with God, our family, neighbors and community.

Ask yourself, how can I deepen my relationships?  What can I do to enrich the life of someone around me who is in need? Put genuine enrichment on your "to do" list this week and see what happens.

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