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Faith Moments

January 22, 2013

Faith Moment Enrichment 2

Transcript of audio:

In his letter to the Corinthians, Saint Paul shares his belief that God gave each one of us different gifts so that we may enrich the lives of one another.

Instead of letting our differences keep us apart, we can and should recognize, accept and celebrate one another's gifts in community with God.

Saint Paul notes that it is by God’s design that one person have great wisdom, while another is given deep faith. One person may perform great deeds while another commits to serving the poor. We are all different, but it is the same Spirit who provides our gifts.

We shouldn’t focus on who is greater, or wealthier, or smarter.  Rather, when we celebrate the differences in our relationships with one another, enrichment flourishes. In our own our God's plan for us.

What different gifts can you bring for the enrichment of others?  If you have gifts, and you do, they are needed by someone.

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