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Faith Moments

January 28, 2013

Faith Moment Wholeness 1

Transcript of audio:

How do we attain a sense of wholeness in our fractured and disjointed world?

The scriptures this week offer some insight...and the answer is really straightforward. We all need to work together.

In the Old Testament reading, we see the Israelites moved to tears as they gathered together and listened to Ezra read about God's great love for them. A people once in exile were made whole again and they wept as they rejoiced in celebration.

2500 years later, we are not so different.  It is our relationships with one another – sticking together through tough times and joining to revel in the good – that make us whole.

Like the Israelites, we will find wholeness in community. When we gather together at Mass or worship and listen to the word of God. When we unite to help others in need.

Wholeness is God's plan for us. We are not complete without one another.

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