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Faith Moments

January 30, 2013

Faith Moment Wholeness 3

Transcript of audio:

Thomas Merton's book, "No Man Is an Island" is a collection of essays that reflects on the deep connectedness and wholeness we all share on this earth.

Merton's essays echo this week's scripture readings when he writes that "we need others and others need us...we supplement and complete one another."

In the Gospel of Luke, we learn that Jesus came to make others whole. He brings glad tidings to the poor; sight to the blind; liberty to captives; and freedom to the oppressed.

The example of Jesus calls us to likewise bring wholeness to others. To lift others from their pain and poverty.  To live our lives in service to others.

No one is an island. Our own well-being – our wholeness – depends on the wholeness of others. None of us is whole until all of us are whole.

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