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Faith Moments

February 4, 2013

Faith Moment True Love 1

Transcript of audio:

Love is a fundamental human capacity. Each one of us possesses the ability to love.

St. Paul teaches about true, authentic love in this week’s scripture reading from Corinthians – and we learn what it is and what it isn't.

Anyone who has attended a Christian wedding is probably familiar with this scripture. “Love is patient. Love is kind. It is not jealous. It does not seek its own self-interests.”

Note how St. Paul uses adjectives that describe these selfless qualities of love. He then goes on to say love rejoices with the truth.

Showing true love calls us to discover the truth about God's purpose for us and our world, and then to act on it. Love is not merely an emotion, awareness or desire. It is an action grounded in truth and selflessness.  To love is to be motivated to help another. To be do what's right – especially where others’ needs are concerned.

True, authentic love is God's greatest gift. And as St. Paul writes..."love never fails."

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